Some reflective questions:

What does Mycorrhyzal Fungi - nature's underground network, teach us about the design of great cities and neighborhoods?



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What may we learn from a Kaka's beak when designing robust and effective heavy demolition equipment?

kaka beak


Why do our processes use heavy metals, high temperatures and lots of energy to manufacture beautiful and hard ceramics; when nature grows paua in salt water at room temperature?



What does a rainforest ecosystem with all its diversity and inter-dependence teach us about growing vibrant and resilient organisations, networks and communities?




What is Biomimicry about?

See the range of resources at the Biomimicry Institute including their "Ask Nature" Design Portal and their bold Student Design Challenge

Visit the Designers Accord - Integrating sustainability into design education, including some Case Studies

Check out FastCompany and their support for this

Celebrate Aotearoa's "Better by Design" initiative

Read the new Kiwi book "Nature's Techno Tricks" Biomimicry for kids aged from 7 to 77+

Enrol on the International Congress for Conservation Biology on 5-9 Dec 2011 in Auckland theme: "Engaging Communiities in Conservation"

Many more resources about Conservation and Biomimicry in NZ at biomimicry

VIDEOCLIP: Copying our way to Conservation




Check out a digital publication devoted entirely to the nexus of science and design as they meet in the sphere of biomimicry and bio-inspired design.




Join us in a unique public dialogue with Megan Schuknecht, Director of University Education and Relations at the Biomimicry Institute in the USA, supported by colleague Sam Stier, Director of Public Education and Conservation and a diverse and dynamic panel of young New Zealand professionals.


Growing a rich, sustainable future for our grandchildren using nature and its long proven processes as our design mentor .


Thursday 8th Dec 2011 7:00-9:00 pm. Informal follow on till 10pm


University of Auckland, Owen Glen Building, Room OGGB4
12 Grafton Road, Auckland


This is a large venue so individual bookings are not required,
Please check this page for later messages prior to the event.
For any other questions call Peter at 09 4454454

A gold coin koha will be appreciated to help progresss this

Who should attend:

Open to people of all ages and disciplines, with an interest in ecosystems, science, innovation, design, engineering, business, the environment, education, sustainability and systems thinking.

Objective of the Forum:

To draw public attention to Biomimicry as a way New Zealand can grow smarter
To celebrate and support local students and young professional potential
encourage our schools and universities to exploit cross disciplinary learning
To recognise that Aotearoa has a wealth of natural wisdom to draw on and share
To assist designers, architects, engineers and educators grow alliances with biologists
To open the way for a supportive Biomimicry learning/sharing network to emerge
To enhance opportunities for New Zealand as an international role model; nurturing life

The Youth Panel:

Forum Facilitator:

Michael Steedman. Ngati Whatua, is Kaiarahi at University of Auckland responsible for recruitment , support and development of Maori and Polynesian students in the Faculty of Science. He will welcome and introduce our visitors and facilitate the dialogue session with the panel and audience.

Panel members:

Deeper Biomimicry Opportunities at Conbio:

A one day Short Courses will run on Sunday 4th December details here
This opportunity costs just $30 for participants enrolled for the full conference, or otherwise NZ$180 for SCB members and NZ$250 for others. Enroll prior to 1st December here

"This workshop is focused on the connection between biomimicry and communicating with the public about conservation, so it is new material that takes biomimicry beyond the design process and into cultural and community action implications" - Sam Stier - presenter

Our Network

This forum is the result of a diverse range of organisations working together as a "Living Systems Thinking" network, each levering on each others strengths and recognising that the whole can be much greater than the sum of its parts.


Past Network Activity and Resources

Similar Youth Forums that have been run as networks and share resources are:

" Biomimicry - Where Evolution Meets Innovation" with Norbert Hoeller
"Cradle to Cradle Design" with Michael Braungart
"Moa's Ark Revisited" with David Bellamy
"Growing a Well Future for all our Grandchildrens"
with Hunter Lovins


Note: The URL used to access this page is being held to support a future NZ support network that might form around Biomimicry